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Our cutting-edge polymer lining technology ensures safe storage, protection, and transportation of aggressive chemicals. We maximize uptime, prevent corrosion, and handle a wide range of chemicals. Our MarineLINE and ChemLINE solutions are specifically engineered to withstand aggressive chemicals. Additionally, we offer high-performance coatings and “cold” weld repair compounds for pumps, industrial components, equipment, and machinery.

  • Premier Polymer Lining
  • Technology
  • Safely Store, Protect, and Transport Aggressive
  • Chemicals
  • Maximize Uptime
  • Stop Corrosion
  • Handle Thousands of Chemicals


We provide a wide range of solutions, including high-performance coatings, “cold” weld repair compounds, industrial-grade protective coatings, advanced performance ceramic coatings, reclaiming & cladding polymers, polymeric cements for concrete repair, and various accessories.

Product Features of ChemLINE®

Explore the Advantages of ChemLINE®: Our patented polymer technology establishes up to
784 cross-links in the material structure, creating a virtually impermeable barrier.

Patented Technology:

ChemLINE® utilizes patented polymer technology to ensure exceptional performance in creating an effective barrier against permeation.

784 Cross-Links:

With up to 784 cross-links in the polymer structure, it provides a solid and durable barrier against liquid and gas penetration.

Permeation Resistance:

The unique structure of ChemLINE® creates an almost impermeable barrier, making it ideal for applications where permeation resistance is crucial.


Thanks to its robust design and high density of cross-links, ChemLINE® offers exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of the protected assets.


ChemLINE® is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including coatings for storage tanks, pipes, and chemical processing equipment, among others.

Proven Performance:

Backed by rigorous testing and years of field experience, ChemLINE® has demonstrated its effectiveness in demanding industrial environments.

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Robust Protection Against Corrosion and Elements

Polymeric coatings provide a durable barrier against corrosion and environmental elements.


Significant Improvement in Infrastructure Durability and Reliability

Polymeric coatings provide a durable barrier against corrosion and environmental elements.


Operational Efficiency Optimization and Maintenance Cost Reduction

Polymeric coatings optimize operational efficiency and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

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What advantages do RTP flexible pipes offer compared to conventional ones?

RTP pipes stand out for their strength, durability, and efficiency,surpassing conventional ones in hydrocarbon transportation.

Imantt trenchless technology minimizes disruptions, reduces costs, andoptimizes pipeline integrity without the need for excavations.

Our experts efficiently install RTP pipes, with a lifespan that farexceeds that of conventional alternatives.

Yes, we provide comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services toensure the longevity and continuous efficiency of rehabilitated pipelines.

Drone technology and asset protection plates are recommended forproactive surveillance and asset protection in critical pipeline installations,preventing potential damages.

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