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Trust our expert team for RTP solutions in oil and gas.


RTP Services

Engineering, Installation Services: Permanent instalation, Temporaly instalation, Emergency Instalation. Procurement Services, Rehabilitation, Integrity Management Solutions  AI

For cutting-edge solutions in the oil and gas industry, trust our expert team for Engineering, Installation, and Procurement services. From Permanent installations to critical Emergency ones, we deliver excellence in Rehabilitation and Integrity Management.



Harnessing cutting-edge technologies to optimize oil and gas infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.


Precise implementation through industry-leading methodologies, ensuring seamless integration and functionality of complex systems.


Strategically sourcing high-performance equipment and materials, meeting stringent quality standards and project specifications.

Permanent Installations

Providing robust infrastructure solutions designed for long-term reliability and performance, adhering to rigorous industry regulations and standards.

Emergency Installations

 Agile response capabilities for swift deployment of critical infrastructure, mitigating risks and minimizing downtime in emergency situations.


Offering comprehensive renovation and upgrade services, including advanced techniques like trenchless technology to revitalize aging assets and enhance operational performance.

Integrity Management

Implementing advanced monitoring and maintenance protocols, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to ensure asset integrity, safety, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

 Maximizing Performance and Protection in Oil & Gas Sector

Discover How Our Advanced RTP Solutions Ensure Efficiency and Durability in Oil & Gas Operations.


Enhanced Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasion:

RTP technology, utilizing high-density polyethylene, provides a highly resilient protective layer that shields pipelines against corrosion and abrasion. This results in a significant extension of the pipelines’ lifespan and reduces associated maintenance and repair costs.


Low Optimization and Loss Reduction:

RTP systems are engineered to ensure efficient and consistent flow of oil and gas throughout the pipelines. This flow optimization minimizes losses and maximizes operational efficiency, translating into more cost-effective and sustainable transportation.


Commitment to Environmental Compatibility and Occupational Safety:

 The use of polyethylene in RTP technology renders it environmentally compatible by offering a safer and more durable alternative to traditional materials. Furthermore, we uphold the highest standards of occupational safety and health, ensuring the protection of our workforce and the environment across all our operations.

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FAQs:Explore Imantt Knowledge Hub

Expertanswers to your common queries on RTP flexible pipes and cutting-edgetechnologies in our comprehensive FAQ section.

What advantages do RTP flexible pipes offer compared to conventional ones?

RTP pipes stand out for their strength, durability, and efficiency,surpassing conventional ones in hydrocarbon transportation.

Imantt trenchless technology minimizes disruptions, reduces costs, andoptimizes pipeline integrity without the need for excavations.

Our experts efficiently install RTP pipes, with a lifespan that farexceeds that of conventional alternatives.

Yes, we provide comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services toensure the longevity and continuous efficiency of rehabilitated pipelines.

Drone technology and asset protection plates are recommended forproactive surveillance and asset protection in critical pipeline installations,preventing potential damages.

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